Track Indexing


TRACK INDEXING is what allows you to numerically select and directly access specific recordings on the disc. Many LP and tape transfer services "copy" the original source directly onto a recordable CD (CD-R) by using a separate CD recorder, rather than taking the time to do it on a computer equipped with professional editing software. When performing transfers of records and tapes directly onto a CD-R with a basic recorder, track marking is done manually by punching a button on the recorder while the album or tape is being "directly recorded" onto the disc, and it is pure guesswork. In other such transfers, no track marking is done at all. To do this correctly, you need the right equipment, the experience, and a commitment of additional time and "hands on" involvement.

Sloppy or nonexistent indexing can be a problem when it comes to the playability of a CD. With many basic transfer services, all of Side A = Track #1, and all of Side B = Track #2 on your finished CD . You have no access to individual songs on the disc. On the other hand, if track markers are inserted manually via the "on-the-fly" method (as is the only other option when using a standard CD burner), there may be unnecessary dead space or lead-in noise prior to the beginning of each track, and also dead space and trailer noise at the end of each song. Beginnings or endings of songs may be cut off with the "punch in" method, or you may find that one song will extend into the next. This is what typically results when doing manual track indexing, because the "engineer" does not really have true control of the process.

NOTE: If you have CDs that you made on your own or had done by another service, and the discs are not properly indexed, you can send the discs to us and have them redone with precisely inserted track markers.

As you can see, this is not the most desirable way to do track indexing, and it is just another common complaint we frequently hear about low budget record and tape transfer servcies. It requires a computer with the right type of software, professional expertise, and more time and labor to do it correctly. This is why you can expect to pay more for a basic transfer done by a professional service who specializes in this type of work, as opposed to someone who does it as a hobby or sideline business.

At WORLDWIDE MUSIC NETWORK all track indexing is meticulously done on the computer with a special editing program. This ensures accuracy with tight starts at the beginning of each song, smooth fades at song endings, total silence between tracks, and trimming of unnecessary dead space! You get a much more usable product that is free of the previously mentioned problems, even if you do not request or pay for professional audio restoration (noise removal, sound enhancement, etc.).

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