DVD Audio Production


In addition to DVD-Audio, Worldwide Music Network also offers CUSTOM DVD-VIDEO production services. Home videos and favorite movies that have been stored on reels of film or videotape for years, could be difficult to view and in some cases also be deteriorating. DVD provides higher quality reproduction, and is a more permanent medium for storage. We do very high quality direct transfers of video to DVD, and for more involved projects, can also include special editing, precise chapter marking for instant access to individual program segments, fades and other transitional effects, 3D titling, and much more.

Now an announcement for audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts....

Worldwide Music Network offers Custom 24-bit DVD-Audio for very discriminating audiophiles. DVD-Audio (DVD-A) offers substantial improvements and features in sound reproduction over the well established industry standard "compact disc."

As has been the case with digital media and formats in general, there are many misconceptions of what DVD-Audio actually is, and what it takes to create it. Many people misunderstand DVD-A to be a system where wave files, CD audio files, mp3s, etc., can simply be saved on DVD discs then played back on any DVD unit. Unofrtuntately, this is not at all true.

DVD-A is a much more complex format that requires special proprietary software and technological experience, and that cannot be created with CD editing and burning software. Also, the DVD-Audio format can only be played on a DVD player or drive that is specifically designated as having DVD-A capability.

Here are a few comparisons...

  • 192k Sampling (192,000 sample per second) & 24-Bit Resolution (DVD-Audio) vs. 44.1k Sampling / 16-bit Resolution(CD)
  • 700+ Minutes of music on a single DVD (DVD-Audio) vs. 80 minutes max per CD
  • Surround Sound + Stereo Playback (DVD-Audio) vs. 2-channel play only (CD)
  • Interactive On-Screen Menu for visual access to audio track listings and graphics (via your TV and remote control) (DVD-Audio only)

To offer a few examples of how you can use our services, we have the combined technology and experience that enables us to ....

  • RESTORE analog recordings that are commercially unavailable in digital format (e.g. LP or tape source), then custom-produce them for 24/192k DVD-A (please visit the Professional Audio Restoration pages at our site for information regarding these services)
  • UPGRADE 16-bit CD recordings to 24-bit DVD-Audio for optimum sound reproduction from your stereo system or home theater
  • COMPILE up to 12 hours of music onto a single DVD-Audio disc, and with equal or higher quality sound than CD format
  • Create a DOLBY DIGITAL SURROUND SOUND DVD-Audio disc from a multi-track original source, with an additional 2-channel downmix
  • Create superior quality VIDEO DVDs of your favorite home movies, feature films, music videos, live concerts or sporting events...

Please phone for more information, Monday-Friday, 10am-7pm Central, at (763) 494-9222.

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