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Here's a sample list of full length albums that we have completely remastered for a number of our various customers.

NOTE: If you have had transfers done by other services and you want to have those recordings improved, WE CAN WORK WITH YOUR CD-Rs!!

Welcome to America's finest professional service, for restoring audio recordings and providing "studio quality" music transfers to CD, DVD, and other digital formats. The audio recordings we remaster from analog records and tapes, and even from commercially issued CDs, CD-Rs and other digital media, sound cleaner and more crisp than the original sources.

Restoration of audio recordings is our area of specialization, and we are proud to say that even the noisiest recordings that are sent to us result in very clean sounding finished discs. If you were directed to this website by your favorite search engine, you will find what you are looking for right here!!

We provide our services to professionals, and also make them available to private music enthusiasts, archivists, musicians who are truly serious about quality.

Visit our Testimonials page to review some of the feedback we have received from clients, and be sure to contact us for pricing and other information.

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