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When preparing to deliver a finished custom disc project to a client, WORLDWIDE MUSIC NETWORK believes that a nice looking finished package is nearly if not equally as important as the sound quality of the CD. And so, we offer a number of options regarding custom inserts for the CD cases.

  • Scanner LP COVER ART - For custom projects that involve complete LPs, we do high resolution scanning of front and rear album jacket covers, touch up blemishes (i.e. photo restoration), size them to the exact dimensions of the front and rear of the CD cases, then print them on a laser color printer, using a premium high gloss photgraphic paper. The inserts look absolutely beautiful, and complete the finished project with first class visual aesthetics that are commeasurate with the sound quality of the CD.
  • PERSONAL PHOTOS - For custom projects that involve homemade music or conversational recordings (e.g. family gatherings; live performances or other special events), we can take your personal photos and scan them, touch them up, size them to the dimensions of the CD case, then laser print them on premium photo paper in either color or black & white (as required). These photo inserts create emotional impact before even opening the case and listening to the CD, and our clients tell us this service is well worth the extra effort and expense.
  • Chameleon band performance LIVE PERFORMANCE PICS - Recordings of live music concerts, recitals, plays and other performaces, may also be accompanied by photos you have of such events. If you have pictures to go with these audio recordings, we can similarly scan, size and print them to fit the CD cases. This creates a more complete finshed package, and also adds another dimension in re-experiencing those memorable events.
  • STANDARD INSERTS - Custom disc projects that may not require photo art to be recreated for the CD jewel cases are still worthy of some type of professional looking inserts. For projects that do not have LP covers, personal photos or other reproducable artwork (such as compilations of songs by various artists), we produce what we call a "standard" case insert. This insert includes our company logo, a title for the disc, and a numbered list of tracks stating the artist or group name and song title. If also requested, we can include the time length of each track. There is no charge for the standard insert.

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