Turnaround Time


This section answers the very frequently asked question of how long will it take?" to have a regular sale item shipped, or a custom project to be completed and shipped. The answer.... WORLDWIDE MUSIC NETWORK always ships sale items and custom-produced discs within 2 business days, upon receipt of payment and/or project completion!

We may not know all the reasons why, but of the various complaints we often hear about online ordering services is that many of them take a long time to package and post items, and sometimes do not send them at all. One reason is that these "online stores" do not actually have the items in stock, although they do not state that on their sites. These internet based entities are ultimately unable to fill some orders, because there is no way them to acquire the items, especially if they are already out of print and hard to find.


A common complaint we hear about "Custom CD services," is that many take weeks or sometimes as long as several months to finish one simple project. Some of these services don't get the projects done at all, even after receiving payment in advance. And in extreme cases, customers have difficulty getting their records, tapes or CDs back!!

Good customer service includes honesty about product availability, and expedience in sending items once they have been paid for. To do otherwise simply is not good business. No online ordering service should offer out-of-print items they do not have right there in their inventory and ready to ship, and in-print items that need to be special ordered should be stated as such.

With regard to custom-produced CDs and DVDs, even the most meticulous professional work rarely takes more than a few days to a week to complete. So, if you purchase available items from Worldwide Music Network or choose to have us do your Custom Disc projects, you can be assured that you will receive original items that are in excellent condition, or custom produced discs that are of exceptionally high quality.. and you won't have wait long to get them!

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