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When we started doing digital recording and custom disc production back in 1989, there were extremely few people around who could do vinyl or tape to CD transfers of any kind, much less offer complete, studio quality audio restoration and remastering (meaning... complete noise removal without sacrificing the sound quality of the original recording). This previously professional-only available technology was and still is very expensive, and requires a lot of background and experience to use.

However, the electronics, computer and software industries saw a great opportunity to make huges amounts of money by watering down professional level technology and making it available en masse to the consumer market. Anyone today can buy a computer off the shelf that is bundled with a CD burner and an inexpensive software program, and so many people are making their own CDs at home, and some are placing ads in the paper or putting up a homepage on the web to make a little extra money on the side. But, although it is very easy for anyone to copy CDs, "rip" tracks off other CDs or download music from the internet, creating a truly professional sounding CD from an old record or tape is not as simple, and most people are unaware of the limitations of home computer technology.

The marketplace is now flooded with millions of hobbyists, record and CD shops, video transfer services and even recording studios, who have decided to get into the "record and tape to CD transfer" business. Unfortunately, information regarding cost, quality and reliability is confusing and often misleading for a lot of people, and expectations are often unmet. This is due to the fact that now there are far more novices, hobbyists, and sideline businesses, who offer very basic direct transfers (or as we call them... "media dumps") of records and tapes to recordable discs, than there are skilled, educated audio technicians. Most who offer these very simple and inexpensive transfer services are not the least bit experienced in sound restoration or anything else that is more involved or complex. Depending on individual standards and expectations, the results produced by many services are not always satisfactory.

Worldwide Music Network has specialized in these services for over 18 years, has been on the internet since 1994, and has become highly respected over the years. We still considered by many to be one of the very best in our field. We also repeatedly are told by people who have tested and compared the quality, efficiency and integrity of our services against others, that there is a significant difference.

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