iPod Music Transfer Service


"I understand this type of work is not easy. Not everyone who does music transfers is able to provide some of these services at all, let alone do it very proficiently or completely. In addition to the exceptional quality of your restoration of my vinyl albums, your method of categorizing album and track information was very thorough, and makes each title easily accessible. I am very pleased and assure there will be more work for you in the future."

Randall P. - San Francisco

WORLDWIDE MUSIC NETWORK offers CD to iPOD, iPAD or iPHONE Transfer Services, which includes media conversion from commercial discs to MP3, M4A, AAC, and other formats that are compatible with your particular digital player. Each track is categorized according to title, artist, album or compilation name, and genre of music. The reformatted and fully indexed music files are saved on DVD or hard disc for backup, and are ready to be uploaded to your digital device or computer.

We also Transfer LPs & Tapes, potentially with equally clean sound! Our Professional Audio Restoration services enable us to create crystal clear CD quality audio from vinyl and tape recordings you own, that were never issued on CD or licensed for legal downloading. With 24 years of professional experience, we are able to fully restore and remaster analog recordings (i.e. LPs; 45s; Cassettes; Reel-To-Reel; etc.) to record company quality. We also transfer audio from Recordable Discs (CD-R / DVD-R), Mini-Discs (MD), Digital Audio Tapes (DAT), and can even edit and convert music and other audio from Movie DVDs and other digital sources with various sampling rates.

The personal music collection you have amassed over the years can effectively be stored in one small, portable unit, for easy access and listening pleasure. Please contact us for pricing and other information.

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