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Auction/Sale Items & Custom CDs/DVDs

All purchase orders for auction or sale items and Custom CD/DVD production requests must be submitted in writing via e-mail, and must be accompanied by customer's name (as printed on credit card), home and credit card billing addresses, and daytime phone number. Custom made CDs and DVDs are non-returnable, and fees for custom production are strictly non-refundable.

Shipping and handling costs are separate of item sale prices and production fees, and are determined at the time of purchase. In stock items are shipped within two business days of date payment is received. Custom produced items are shipped within two business days of completion.

Music Search Services

A non-refundable $20.00 fee is required in advance for each item to be researched, each of which is applicable to the specified title, and is not transferable to research of other titles. These fees are for research only, and do not constitute deposit or payment for merchandise.

Research is initiated upon receipt of payment, and requested titles are actively searched until found for up to six months from the date the service is engaged (unless terminated by request of the customer). Worldwide Music Network makes no guarantee, express or implied, that any item can or will be located, but does promise to make every effort to find any item for which a research fee has been paid.

Items are priced when found, at which time the customer is notified and given the option to purchase at the specified price. Customer must confirm authorization to purchase within 48 hours of notice, after which there is no guarantee the item will still be available. No located item will be researched further if the option to purchase is declined by the customer, or if the item has been sold by our supplier after the 48 hour grace period due to non-confirmation.

Payment Methods

Payment accepted by VISA; MasterCard; PayPal; Cashier's Check; Postal Money Order; Western Union; Direct Wire Transfer; or CASH in U.S. Dollars. Personal checks accepted with prior approval only. Accepted methods of payment may be subject to change without notice

All Sales Final

Absolutely no returns accepted without prior approval of Worldwide Music Network. Credits, refunds, or replacement of merchandise will only be issued due to manufacturing defects, or for damage or loss occurring during shipping. Problems of this nature must be reported to Worldwide Music Network within 48 hours of delivery.

Claims for damage or loss are subject to inspection and verification by Worldwide Music Network, as well as the due process of claims filed with the respective shipping service (US Postal Service; UPS, etc.), however long that may take. Credits, refunds or replacements for lost or damaged items will only be issued for the amount at which the package is declared or insured, and only after the claim process has been fully completed.

I hereby state that I am 18 years of age or older, and am the authorized cardholder. I also state that I understand and fully agree to all policies and disclaimers regarding purchases, services and payment procedures. I authorize Worldwide Music Network to charge my credit card at the time I request provision of professional services or to purchase music product, and acknowledge that Worldwide Music Network will not charge my account at any time without my authorization. I understand that I cannot cancel or request a refund for any transaction that has already been processed, either for services I have requested, or for merchandise I have ordered.

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NAME (Please Print)   SIGNATURE
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NOTE: This credit card authorization form is only be accepted when accompanied by an actual transaction. Orders for merchandise, custom production and search requests are to be submitted separately by electronic or regular mail, and should not be written on this form.

Please print both pages of this document, then mail them both back to us through the postal service. Kindly have ALL information completed with your legible signature. Thank you for your cooperation!


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